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03/30/2014Seth and Joe The Kingdom is like this...
Sunday A.M. Luke 10:30-37
The Kingdom of God can be seen in the lives of people who are willing to serve others with great love in everyday life.
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03/09/2014Joey Haynes Whose Voice are You Listening to?
Sunday A.M. Matthew 3:16-17
Too often we let the voice of the enemy take our lives captive. If we listen to the voice of Father affirm us with His love, then we are truly free.
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03/02/2014Heath Pickard The Power of the Touch of Love
Sunday A.M. Mark 1:40-45
Jesus shows us that the Church is to provide the touch of Love for those longing for God's presence.
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02/23/2014Seth Madaris Showing God's Wisdom
Sunday A.M. Ephesians 3:10-13
The Church is the Body of Christ to which all the universe gets to see the mysteries of God.
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02/02/2014Joseph Neal Relationship Vs. Doctrine
Sunday A.M. Romans 15:5-13
God moves us from having all the answers to sharing life together. Only that unity through the love of Jesus can glorify God.
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01/26/2014M. Covington As Is
Sunday A.M.
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